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Marine equipment

From an engine stock
On these pages you will find a lot of used shipequipment of various sorts - but our stock is huge, and it is impossible for us to show everything here. We try to keep the lists we have here updated, but with new vessels coming in regularly it will take some time before all items are listed.
Keep an eye out for our News page if you want to see recently arrived ships/equipment. Should you miss something, not listed here, try to send us a request by email or call/fax us.

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We sell our used products in the condition they are, when dismounted from the vessels.
We do not repair or recondition anything. Neither do we give it a "make-over" to make it look better than it is.


From a wheelhouse

Electronic and radio equipment

If you are in need of electronic- or radio equipment, please contact


This company purchases and tests/repairs all our used equipment:
Nordsokaj 2-4, DK-7680 Thyboron, Denmark
Person in charge: Per Mollerup
Tel +45 97 83 25 15
Fax +45 97 83 25 16
Mobile +45 20 40 55 09
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